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Oct 26, 2003
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Springfield, Missouri
Last Saturday I attended the Karate For Christ International Homecoming Training Day here in Springfield Missouri. We got started at 8am and trained until 6pm with just a short break for lunch. Great day, great guys. Lots and lots of fun. Here are my outline notes from the event.

2012 KFCI Homecoming Training Day
October 20 2012
Springfield Mo
Seminar 1
Stanley Mason Kali/Escrima

Inside Arm Hold
Baseball Grip
Outside Arm Hold
Transitioning Between Arm Holds with an Armed Opponent
Inserting Strikes in to Arm Hold Transitions
Knife Return Technique from Outside Arm Hold

Seminar 2
David Dunn Shinsei Hapkido

Double Lapel Grab Defense Steal the Mind
Ikkyo Straight Arm Bar to Straight Takedown
Ikkyo with Tenkan Ikkyo with Reverse Pivot to Circling Takedown
Finish with Chicken Wing Shoulder Submission
Single Lapel Grab Defense Steal the Mind
Nikkyo Z Lock with Body Drop Takedown
Unbendable Arm Drill
Countering Nikkyo with Straight Arm Projection (Unbendable Arm)
Kyoku Dosa Practicing Tenchi Nage from Kneeling Position

Seminar 3
Kevin Hughes Koryu Bugei Hozon Kenkyukai (Shorin Ryu)

Tekko Weaponized Stirrup
Yawara Small Wooden Stick
Mayatoshi no Tekko (kata)
Kata Techniques include Clapping Strikes, Up/Down Tension Palms, Horizontal and Vertical Punches, Eye Slices, Raking Backnuckle Strikes, Hammerfists, Angle and Stance Transitions, and Blocking and Striking Combinations all with Tekko.

Seminar 4
Dan Averill Shinsei Hapkido

Inward Wrist Lock Throw from a Straight Wrist Grab
Steering Wheel Throw Belt and Straight Shoulder Grab Leveraging Up and Down and Turning (also with the arms against a double lapel grab)
Weeble Wobble Throw Palm to the Side of the Opponent's Head Pressing the Head Horizontally and Turning and Pressing the Opponent to the Floor by the Head
Double Wrist Grab Defense Point Hands Down and Circle Wrists Out and Up to Clap Back of Opponent's Wrists Together/Clear Down and Strike
Clothesline Technique Defense Against a Straight Punch Outward Parry to the Outside with the Rear Hand/Lead Hand Outer Arm Cross Body Clothesline to Opponent's Upper Zone/Body Drop Takedown (Breath Throw)

Seminar 5
Buddy Duke Teaching Taekwondo to Children

"Train Smarter, Not Harder"
Importance of Systems and Planning
Have a System for Instruction
Have a System for Certifying Instructors
Disguising Repetition
Stretching Leg and Torso (stretch kicking)
Standard Type Warm Ups
Listening Positions
3 Rules of Focus (focus with the eyes, focus with the mind, focus with the body)
Explosive Energy Make Classes Exciting
Basic Stances Ready, Front, Back (L Stance), Horse (Sitting Stance)
Basic Kicks Front, Side, Round
Basic Blocks Low, Hi, Inward, Outward
Basic Beginner Form Stances, Punches, Blocks, Kicks

Seminar 6
Scott Sikes Ken Kar Ju Ryu Ju Jitsu

Atemi Waza - Medicine in Reverse
Pressure Point Lower Intestine 4
Hidden Pressure Points in Forms
"Every Art and Style was Created for a Specific Purpose and Has Something to Offer"
Techniques Disguised within Okinawan Karate when Imported to Japan and Taught to Children
The Answer to Black Belt Problems is in White Belt Solutions.
Kote Gaeshi
Hand Mirror Wrist Lock Throw (Supinating Wrist Lock)
Adding Pressure Point Knockout Using Heart Point and Liver Point
Dai Nikkyo Nikkyo (Z Lock) with Inside Arm Reaching Back and Grabbing Three Fingers of Opponent's Engaged Hand and Pulling Back/Twisting Body Drop Takedown (extremely painful)

Seminar 7
Nathan Ogden Shorin Ryu

Kata Bunkai
Techniques Oya
Variations Henka
Hidden Techniques Okuden Waza
Folding Techniques Crossing Arms
Everything you do is multidimensional.
Upper and Lower Body Have to Work Together
Connecting Techniques Setsuzoka Waza
Heavy Hand Concept Fukai-te
Sticky Hand Concept Muchimi-te
Counter to Straight Lapel Grab trap with same side hand/off hand ear box/off hand throat strike/off hand downward frictional check to opponent's bent arm/off hand handsword strike to neck/outside to inside under arm trap/step through breath throw
Counter to Straight Lapel Grab trap with same side hand/off hand upward elbow to chin/off hand inward elbow to jaw/off hand outward elbow to jaw
Inside Arm Hold to Outward Wrist Lock track top hand back and outside opponent's arms to grab fingers/turn to outward wrist lock
Automatic Body Response Force Opponent to Actively Engage in Repositioning to Distract him from Aggression (O.O.D.A. Loop)
Counter to Front Hair Grab pin/upward elbow (rhino strike) to chest/frictional folding check to opponent's arm/nikkyo/downward elbow strike to opponent's arm/entwined arm and neck hold/bend opponent down to knee strikes to head

Seminar 8
Shawn Limpus Ken Kar Ju Ryu Ju Jitsu

Iron Fan
Large Circle and Small Circle Techniques
Tool Assist Grapples Wrist, Elbow, and Shoulder Locks, Arm and Head/Arm and Body Locks, Takedowns and Holds, Strangulations and Chokes, Tie Ups
Tenouche Weapons that can be Concealed within the Hand (tsuba with cord, yawara with cord)


We had a really great time. We're going to be doing it again next summer and fall. Open to all styles, all ranks. I'll post about it when it's coming around. Great martial artists, great event. Hope I see you there next year.


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