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Jul 20, 2010
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Austin TX
Hi my name is adam im 25. I have been doing martial arts since I was 15 so about since 2000. I got into martial arts while attending school in San marcos Tx. Where outside of school I met a korean guy named Steven Spie, who was a blackbelt in Kajukenbo and had some muay thai experience. He showed me a tape called Pride Fc which was at them time the worlds elite mma organization. I was hooked, and started training under him in muay thai he also showed me basic grappling. I only got to train with him for about 6 months and had to move, I was only 15 and parents called the shots not we moved north of Austin Tx.

While I looked for a new ma school at the time 2001 there was no muay thai schools in the area but my dad met a man who taught Karate at his house. At 15 I was kinda turdly and thought "ehh Karate" So anyway my dad took me to meet the man who turned out that the style of Karate(or kenpo) he taught was Kajukenbo, I was intrigued as my original instructor Steven taught Kajukenbo all though at the time I only did Muay thai with him. So I started training under Now Professor Ben Calvo in Kajukenbo. I trained with him for a year and then due to reasons im not 100% sure Ben told me he was going to stop teaching this was in 2002(he started teaching again now btw).

So I Trained at a local school off and on untill I was able to start training under Steve again. I trained with him untill ealry 2006. I recived my black belt from him in December 2005. I havent really done much since and now am looking to get back into MArtial arts, as not training has gotten me a bit soft...
Im wanting to learn judo but have not had any luck in my area north Austin tx. Im considering also getting back into Kajukenbo but so far I have been unable to get a hold of Steve, but I have been able to get ahold of Ben. So thats my story. Any questions about me feel free to ask oh and im looking for some training partners in the north austin area (roundrock-gtown).

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Dec 9, 2009
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Welcome along to Martial Talk. Im sure you will find someone to train with from Austin Tx as Ive seen a few people from there on these forums. Unsure on the style they train though.

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