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I'm new to Martial Talk. I am a Gung Fu student, but I'm not sure if I should post my questions in the JKD forum or in the Chinese Martial Arts or Wing Chun forum.

My instructor's father was a student of James Lee when he had a school in Hayward, CA.

Any help would be appreciated.
Any of those are fine. Jun Fan Kung Fu has been discussed in the Jeet Kune Do forum and in the Wing Chun forum, and any Chinese Martial Art is on-topic in the Chinese Martial Arts-General forum. I'me sure that people in the Jeet Kune Do forum would be interested to know more about your experiences with the martial arts in James Lee's lineage.

Please just post! If we think a post should be moved we may do so. This happens all the time and you shouldn't be concerned about it. We try not to be "rules-heavy"!

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welcome Senfeng. always nice to have new members.
Thank you! So far everyone's been pretty friendly and helpful. Nice forum.:)
Welcome.....Hope you enjoy you're stay :p
Thank you! hopefully I can get rid of this white belt soon.
Hey Senfeng! Welcme to martial talk. It IS good to have new members. I hope you enjoy as much as I do.:)

By the way, what style do you train in exactly?Was it JKD?
Its not really JKD. It is the style that James Lee was teaching before he died.
It sounds like the highly modified Wing Chun Bruce Lee was teaching at the time.

Still, as Bruce evolved, he would share his new discoveries with his three instructors: Taky Kimura, James Lee, and Dan Inosanto. Of those three, only Dan Inosanto is known to have ever certified instructors under him. James Lee passed before he ever got the chance.


PS thanks for the link...there are a couple of pictures of James Lee there that I'm sure very few have seen before.
I'm not worried about the certification. A friend of mine dragged me in. I kneww some martial arts and had quite a bit of street experience. What he showed me impressed the h3ll out of me. It has a lot of 'inside fighting' that I never got from TKD.
Yeah, the infighting would be the Wing Chun peeking through :)

Hey, as long as you're having fun with what you're doing, and you think it's effective, keep doing it!

I got my chance to test it out this weekend (No, I didn't start the fight). It was the first time I felt really relaxed while outnumbered.
Hi Senfeng!

Nice to meet you! I know many other people have already said it but ---:) Welcome!!!!:)

Robyn :asian:
Originally posted by The Opal Dragon

Hi Senfeng!

Nice to meet you! I know many other people have already said it but ---:) Welcome!!!!:)

Robyn :asian:
Thank you! I love your avatar. Is that Sailor Jupiter? Nice.
Originally posted by Senfeng

Thank you! I love your avatar. Is that Sailor Jupiter? Nice.

Thanks! I finally figured out how to put an avatar on my name just yesterday! Yep! That's Jupiter! I have all the other sailor scout icons and I hope to change them occasionally. Jupiter looks the most like me though. :) I love Japanese Animation!

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Glad you look more like Jupiter than Chibi! There's an anime thread in the locker room, you should post.

I made my avatar, but now I'm thinking its a bit too serious. Maybe I'll find a nice Tuxedo Mask pic or something.:D
Yes, I saw that anime thread in the Locker Room! I have something to post too but then I decided that I better finish watching this big, long anime series (Record of Lodus War) before I post how great it is! I'm only at the very, very beginning.

There's a lot of websites I've found that have awesome Sailor Moon avatars. I have a moving Luna avatar on another forum.

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