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Dec 27, 2001
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This an email from a friend of mine, does anybody have any ideas?

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I was thinking of getting my 30 year old son a gift certificate for Xmas
so that he could learn some self defense as he was never in the
military. Any suggestions on the best type of martial art that teaches
street fighting from the get-go with no philosophy or dress
requirements? I would like to find a school/instructor near his house so
it would be easy for him to attend. He lives in a suburb between Dallas
and Fort Worth, Texas- Lewisville- so a school near Lewisville, Farmers
Branch, Grapevine, Los Colinas, Coppell , or Northwest Dallas would be
good, if you happen to know of a particular school/instructorin that
area for the recommended martial art.

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

Here is a list of TX instructors under Guro W. Hock Hoccheim. Hock has blackbet rank under Remy and Ernesto Presas. His teaching curriculum is excellent.

Mark Lynn in Fort Worth is a nice guy, skilled martial artist, and good instructor

Hope this helps


CQC Group, Jeff Allen, Denton, [email protected]

Jeff Laun (multi) CMA, north Dallas, 972-395-2589 [email protected]

Lynn Newby-Fraser, (PAC) north Dallas 972-395-2589 [email protected]

Francisco Sanchez Zambrano, (multi) Ft Worth [email protected] 817-594-8130

Dean Goldade, (multi and Kajukenbo) Austin, 512-218-9646

Mark Lynn, (multi and Filipino) Ft Worth, [email protected] 817- 498-7631

Clay "Claymore Mine" Finley, (multi) Flower Mound, 972-724-1955

Tom Barnhart, (multi) Corinth, 1-214-228-7163 [email protected]

Jason Gutierrez- (multi) Denton, [email protected] 940-323-8011

Kelly Stone, (multi) Princeton, 972-734-2821 [email protected]

Jeff Evans, (UC) Ft Worth, [email protected] 817-847-6035

Richard Linebaugh, (multi) Sweetwater, 915-235-4282 [email protected]

Anthony Ogden, (multi) Longview, 903-757-4491 [email protected]

Todd Compton, (multi) San Antonio, 210-690-8342 [email protected]

Jeff Hill, Austin, (multi) 512-689-5045 [email protected]

Eddie Posas, (multi) Duncanville, 972-291-9883 [email protected]

Thom Lolley, (multi) Dallas/Forney(214) 564-1463 [email protected]

Michael Evans, (multi) Meridan, 254-435-6878

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