Mrs. Cogliandro Seminar in London Ontario


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Oct 22, 2001
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O.K.K.A. Studios presents
8th Degree Black Belt Doreen Cogliandro
Presenting a seminar on Kenpo Karate

Adult Seminar will start with Kenpo Basics,
Base Techniques, Sets & Forms.
There will a 45 minute lunch.
The afternoon will consist of Sparring & drills,
Technique Extensions & Advanced Sets.
You will need full uniform, protective cup,
& Sparring gear, if you have it.
Those who do not have sparring gear can still participate in the drills.
There will be time to get cleaned up before dinner, after the seminar.

Seminars are open to all Martial Artists regardless of School, Style or Rank. This event is about learning, sharing, and having a great time.

Childrens Seminar:
FridayOctober 4 , 2002
5:30 p.m.
$15 in advance
$25 after October 2, 2002

Adult Seminar:
Saturday October 5 , 2002
10:30 a.m.
$40 in advance
$55 after October 2, 2002

For further information, please contact Paul Dawdy at
(519) 659-0521
Our Studio is located at 1472 Dundas street, London, Ontario.
Located two hours from Toronto, Buffalo & Detroit.
Mrs Doreen Cogliandro is an excellent instructor.

I have always found her seminars to be both informative and great fun.

Be there if you can,