Maha Guru Stevan Plinck On The Instinctive Edge...

Really, how do you know someone is good or not just from a video? Or that you would never train with them?

I would be very interested to hear your thoughts though on things you do not like about Indonesian arts.

I will agree with you though that there are other videos of Stevan Plinck that are better. I have posted sine of those in the past.
I really, really liked that clip. Wish I had been there, makes me want to try something.
A few years back I was able to train for a weekend seminar with Mr. Plinck and his group at his property in Washington. I don't do Silat and have no idea of politics of those arts. Not my circus not my monkeys. His group was welcoming and trained well. Guru Plinck was open and very good with his instruction and is very skilled. I enjoyed the seminar and I would train again with him and his group if the opportunity arrived.
Nice Clip Brian, thanks for sharing
Brian King
I will say that I hate politics in the martial arts as well. I don't allow it in my organization and don't care for it anywhere else. Not my cup of tea.

I do think that Maha Guru Stevan Plinck has very, very solid skills and represents his unique style well.
I think we feel the same about his training and his skill, however my point remains. If you let them call you Maha Guru or maybe even claim that title for yourself, then you have to show different behaviour than he did in the past.

For me personally there are only a handful of teachers that deserve that title and Mr. Plinck isn't one of them.

This is my opinion and like the saying goes, opinions are like a..holes
I hope that's not include the indonesian lineage part, since i believe it was agreed to not be prolonged, yours is yours mine is mine.

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Which Indonesian lineage part?
What I'm talking about not just sera', but generally several traditional systems here that had not have good organization.
Back a decade ago, when the traditional silat community just being revived in Indonesia and internet booming just arrived, there were several statements made by non indonesian about indonesian silat that by their understanding was different that from what they received from their senior/teacher.
Those thing/claim was not sitting well, that made some heated 'discussions' among people who believe theirs are the more legitimate line, etc.
But thanks to the elderly in silat community, those thing was not developed further and just let thing went separated ways.

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The thing is, Mr. Plinck was taught by his dutch-indonesian family in the Netherlands in the styles Cimande and Setia Hati I believe, later on he got taught by Paul deThouars so I have no idea what the traditional Indonesian community has to do with the discussion that me and Brian had?
Now, none whatsoever, I was misunderstanding the conversation.
That was why I asked, if somehow the pancasera - deVries-deThouars sera lineage involved.

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