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I was wondering if anybody knew the where abouts of this person. He was an instructor I studied with in Chicago in the late 70's and early 80's.

His name was Myoung Pang Kim.
He used to own a school called Kim's Academy of Hapkido and TKD on Lawerence Ave in Chicago, IL.

I might have misspelled his first name but that is what I remember ruffly.


Chicago Green
Dragon :asian:
Difference is that he is Myung Suk Kim vs. the one looked for, Myung Pang Kim. Good website nevertheless; I have it bookmarked to help in forms practice! :D
Thanks but not the same guy i was looking for

Chicago Green
Dragon :asian:
http://www.wkimtkd.com/ - I met this guy before, he's very good. His two sons are very skilled also, the younger one did a lot of competing in college and was pretty funny. His older son is the badass combat dude without a personality. He's in Palatine though.

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