Kukishin Ryu Kihon Seminar, Cleveland, OH, March 12 & 13th



I thought this was posted in here from before, so this may be too late a notice for anyone interested:

Cleveland, Ohio Area

Luke Molitor, Happo Biken Menkyo Shihan

Kenjutsu Kihon Seminar

Jess Attilli of the Godaiko Dojo, and Jack Mann of the Kazoku Dojo will be hosting a two day seminar on aspects of kenjutsu and bikenjutsu taught by Luke Molitor of the Jigoku Dojo. Mr. Molitor has a vast amount of knowledge and experience in the Japanese warrior arts and ways, and splits his time between Japan and Texas furthering his training under Soke Hatsumi Masaaki. He is also a trusted, personal student of Nagase Hiroshi, Someya Kenichi, and Nagato Toshiro. The Kukishin ryu is a complete Japanese feudal military system with its origins dating back over 600 years.

For More information on Luke Molitor and the Jigoku Dojo please go to: www.jigokudojo.com

This seminar will encompass beginning techniques of etiquette, postures, movement, proper cutting, mindset, basic forms, and cutting practice - with the primary focus of the seminar being on the mechanics of cutting correctly, and specific drills to instill the correct feeling of the Kukishin ryu sword methods. There will be personal, hands on instruction for each participant at every level. At the end of instruction there will be an opportunity for tameshigiri, traditional test cutting practice, for students.

The entry fee will include a rolled and soaked target of tatami omote (rolled straw floor mats). More targets may be purchased in addition to what is provided. Additional targets are available, please contact us before the seminar. Due to the nature of the seminar attendance will be limited, so be sure to pre-register to reserve your place. Please bring a fukuroshinai (leather covered shinai), shinai, and/or bokken (wood training sword) for training. Live weapons used for tameshigiri must be inspected before the seminar starts. When you register, please inform us if you intend on bringing a live blade with you.

For more details, please contact Jess Attilli at


There will also be swords for sale at the seminar. Please contact the above e-mail address for more information.

- Ken Anderson