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Sep 11, 2006
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2014 International Karate Championships
By Bob White - 07-20-2014 01:47 PM
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Because of the International Karate Championships we get an opportunity to celebrate our 50 year history. If this tournament would have died there would be a large void in our art. I truly thank Steve Cooper, N. Neil Hardin, Doreen DiRienzo and Gilbert Velez for all they have done to help honor Ed Parker. This year will be a fantastic celebration starting with seminars, the Women's Symposium, Masters Hall of Fame, great competition, and the Brotherhood Luau Sunday night. All of this because the people above did not let the event die. I personally cannot thank you enough.
Our first Grand Champion, Mike Stone will be flying in from The Philippines for the event and many major contributors that helped make this a major part of American Karate history will be present. Please remember that this was the tournament that introduced Bruce Lee. This was the tournament that helped give Chuck Norris his fame, and this is the tournament that many of us worked for every year. Ed Parker started this 50 years ago and it has impacted so many of us.


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