Jujutsu styles in the U.K

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Feb 26, 2017
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Rat - there are various types of 'jujutsu' available in the UK. What I'm describing are categories, not particular styles or systems.

1. Authentic Japanese (koryu) jujutsu. This was historically rare, but today far less so. Examples would be the Tenyokai Tenjin Shinyo ryu run by Masters S, and the Araki ryu and Sosuishi ryu taught by S Delaney S. Koryu are complex and varied - I won't try to describe or explain them here - google and research, starting with www.koryu.com if interested. There is also a koryu forum here.

2. BJJ. Self explanatory.

3. Modern 'jiu-jitsu' systems. This category is what just about everything you encounter calling itself 'jiu-jitsu' will fall in to. These are modern systems commonly based in a mix of judo, aikido and karate, and bear little resemblance to koryu jj. Some may be very effective martial arts, but they have no connection to Japan or the samurai, outside of some (often off-base) cultural trappings.

Good luck in your search! And as others have said - don't discount Judo (or BJJ). They are foundational, and supremely effective systems of grappling.


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Oct 13, 2006
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What about Judo? England has some excellent judoka. (The best Judo instruction I ever had was a seminar with Neil Adams.)

We do have a lot of Judo, I did a seminar with Neil as well, he put one on for MMA people. The UK has a lot of good Judokas.

I've done quite a bit of Judo, it's my instructors first and main style, we do a lot of ground work as do the other places I've seen train, the only ones who tend not to so much are those aiming for the Olympics.