Internet piracy


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Feb 11, 2003
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Oh, so feisty. The way you wrote BRO in all caps like that. That was hot. I like TOTALLY needed to change my huggies right there.

Yeah baby. Talk dirty to me.

Oh you are so totally right! Man it was just CRAZY of me to think people would read the original post, or the related article. MAN, WHAT A MORON I AM! Next time I will, like, TOTALLY post a title that leaves absolutely no question about what the topic is, in case people don't actually read and respond to the original posts.

MAN OH MAN. I sure did a disservice to the posters who read "internet piracy" and having formed their post, OP sight unseen,
and went ahead and just did their thing.

Cryozombie, where would I be without you?

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Wonderful attitude for a Mentor.

So Piracy. I think we should steal as much Indie music as we can to **** the little guy over, they probably deserve it for being the little guy. Or maybe they just cant get ahead because they suck too much to not be a little indie guy.