Human formation of theory and practice.


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Oct 6, 2013
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As a foreigner, I always thought there was a difference between railroad and ancient arts." The former focuses on studying form and correcting the internal (spiritual). The latter is mainly shot for shooting and killing. I got a comment that went like Although it's a little different from the "fire shooting system and martial shooting system," I think it's my opinion on "rail and ancient art." Would you say railroad in human form and art is a sword and battle technique.
I don't think there is anyone in Japan who can claim such a thing. Japanese, it's a language problem, so I can't say anything. I wish I could say I understand and use it like that.
Although old-fashioned (old martial arts) and modern martial arts are ways of thinking, modern martial arts such as keido, kedo, and judo are relatively new concepts formed after Meiji, and it is a way of thinking formed by the influence of Olympism advocated by Kubertan, the founder of the modern Olympic Games. Modern martial arts was based on the old martial arts skills and was socialized and safe in accordance with the demands of the times, and it spread mainly through school education after World War II. It can be said that competition in general, especially in youth developmental developmental moral education, contributes to the development of sociability, and is close to sports.
In comparison to this, Kobu-jitsu is called the Japanese style, Ogura-juku, Takeda-juku, and Yamato-juku-juku are traditional martial arts that has been passed along with Japanese history. It originated from a combat competition that divides life and death, and there is a deep connection between Shinto and Buddhism, and trainees sought to recite together. From its spirituality, it is a characteristic of the ritual of worship being seen as important, and it is a typical beauty centered on the practice of the form. It is also the acquisition of dangerous techniques related to the dignity of life, so the practitioners required strong self-control ability, and a right mindset, concentration, and healthy thoughts. The relationship between master and disciple is standard, and today there is a trend that upholds one-child inheritance. Modern ancient martial arts while maintaining its essence has been passed down to meet the demands of changing times. In such a sense, it can be said that Kobu art contains strong human formative elements.
Ancient martial arts emphasizes only practical techniques, but in the process of acquiring other techniques, human beings were trained. Protecting precious lives, families, possessions and housewives, learning Buddhism, Buddhism, Shindo teachings, inner disciple system, mountain gathering, martial arts training, and training with life on the line. Martial arts can be said to be a casual human formation in the training of a skill.
Compared to the "human formation of the theory of practice" that the practice of old martial arts seeks, modern martial arts can be said to be "human formation of educational theory" with human formation as an educational goal.

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