How much of an advantage is a knife?

Gerry Seymour

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Mar 27, 2012
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Found a video of what I was on about at 2:36 in. And it is a knee knock not a hip bump.

But you under hook the distracting front hand you can secure the rear hand and then take them down pretty much on top of their own knife.

And you have an escape if it gets stuffed. Which is why I mentioned it as the alternitive to a judo throw.
2:36 was some dude talking, followed by some ground work. Can you double-check the time sig?

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Either or, a knife is far more useful than a firearm in my eyes. (plus i cant carry a firearm anyway)

I put somethinking into it, i think its just the way the two happen and how you are meant to fight with them which makes the knife look worse. Like cutting somones jugular out seems to do more damage than shooting them. (objectively speaking a firearm does more damage as it carries a shockwave with it as well)

thats my hypothisis anyway, its just how you fight with both probbly paints one as more dangerous than the other. Its purely psychological as both can easily kill you though. Plus maybe seeing films where characers die to a knife more easily than gunfire probbly influences this.


Is that from cold steel?


Nov 7, 2017
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Range is the key. At close range a knife can be accessed and deployed very quickly. A stab can easily be lethal. It's a much deadlier weapon than many people realize. Even if you "block" it you're apt to get you're fighting at, what, 90% While bleeding, in pain, and fearful? Maybe going into shock? Sure I'd take a gun in most situations, but don't underestimate the knife. Train with a knife expert and see how your defenses work! Use a chalked training knife. It's an eye-opener.
The basic principal in Kali, slice whatever is closest to you. They offer a hand cut it, then the forearm, then the elbow, etc... More slices than stabs.
I would be cautious of anyone with a knife, experience aside. Range is important, ala turn around and run like heck.