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May 17, 2024
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SW Wales
Sorry, should have come here first really
My name is David and I have a karate problem.
I live in South West Wales and go to black wolf karate club in Llandysul, or rather I will again once my hand recovers and my fitness is back- I'm recovering from breaking my hand in two places whacking the hell out of a makiwara when I was angry. I'm a 2nd kyu.
Absolutely :shamefullyembarrased: they call it the board of wisdom, and this time the wisdom in question was not to abuse training equipment
Mercy Now is an incredible song.

I've seen her live and was very impressed with her ability as a songwriter, musician, and storyteller.
I've loved her since I first her on Andy Kershaw's now sadly defunct radio show. 'Filth and fire' is an incredible album.
I got excited for a second. I thought your thread said 'Hay' people. Which I am.

Seriously though, welcome to the forum.

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