GM & Chrysler Merger - Does someone know more than they are telling?

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Oct 13, 2001
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I was in Steve and Barry's over the summer and saw a hat that said Chrysler with an official GM Licensed Product on it. I laughed and walked away.

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Well, I was in Steve & Barry's again today and I saw the hat. The Store manager laughed with me and said she had the hats for 6 to 8 months. In one of the articles it mentions talks have been going on since late 2007. I know these talks are always going on, so that is not the issue, I just wanted to share and document with pictures of the hat I bought for $2.98 plus tax.

I repeat, does someone know more than they are telling?


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New Article I just found:

Worries grow as GM-Chrysler talks gain momentum
Saturday October 18, 4:13 pm ET
By Tom Krisher, AP Auto Writer
Motor City worries Chrysler will be wiped out as talks of takeover by GM gain momentum
DETROIT (AP) -- In the doomsday scenario raising anxiety around the Motor City, General Motors Corp. makes a deal for Chrysler LLC, keeps Jeep and the minivans, and vaporizes the rest of the company.

Tens of thousands of Chrysler's 66,409 employees lose their jobs as cash-desperate GM swiftly cuts redundant operations and sheds unprofitable models. Factories and dealerships are closed, and the lights go out at Chrysler's gleaming corporate headquarters campus in the northern suburb of Auburn Hills.

A person familiar with the negotiations said Friday that the talks have advanced to the point where top executives of both companies have looked at a deal and asked for refinements. The person spoke on condition of anonymity because the talks are secret.

GM and Cerberus are still a long way from a deal, according to the person, and GM's board reportedly is cool to the idea.
That is really funny. I like the $2.98 price tag the best. Hopefully GM turns around in the near future.

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