For those in East Tennessee


Gary Crawford

For anyone who lives in East Tennesee,I just have to share this with you.I have found an outstanding Tetsu Shin Ryu Kempo school.I discovered this school about six monthes ago while I was looking for new MA schools in my area to let me teach my Counter Terrorism program to.I taught a seminar there back in march.The instructors there impressed me by catching on to the material very quickly.Since they are so conviently located to me(and I liked everyone there) I would drop by and watch their classes from time to time.I noticed that they specialize in self defense techniques(which is MY main point of interest).I didn't take long for me to join myself,and after the first month there,I love it!The techniques are simple and very effective.The instructors(Chris Massie and David Mabe) have a great deal of integrety.This is a christian based school and it shows!(without sermons).I have definatly found a home here.Everyone who lives in this area and is interested in MA,for yourself or for your kids should check this school out!Mountain Empire Kempo Karate