FMAT: Self-Inflicted?!

Clark Kent

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Sep 11, 2006
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By travtex - 11-02-2008 12:47 PM
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Alright, so Blackgrave has already told me an entertaining story along these lines, but... Thought I'd have a go at a 'Fun' topic. (My coworkers still look at my oddly with regard to my standards of 'Fun', so... I won't be surprised if nobody is on board.)

In my short time in FMA and my long time in Martial Arts in general, I've long since noticed a trend toward Stupid Injury.

With FMA... these seem to be more often self-inflicted than 'Oops, Johnny kicked me too hard in one-step.'

My absolute most stupid and surprisingly most painful was in a RUSH of creativity, however... going backwards. Coming from an empty-hands background, I was moving from empty-hands TO weapons instead of the more intelligent fashion of going from weapon to empty hands.

Details being irrelevant, I basically did a step, pivot, body-weight flow and just unleashed Holy Hell on my own hand with a stick. Luckily, I experiment in private, so there was only the cat to laugh at me. I've broken bones, had various surgeries... but DEAR Gawd that hurt so badly I just stood there wide-eyed blinking at my hand for a few moments before the nerves woke up enough to inform me that it hurt. If ever I doubted the effectiveness of an elbow gunting...

My favorite, as far as amusing from the viewer's standpoint: I don't actually know the proper term, I want to say florette... When you twist the wrist to snap the weapon around from the opposite angle. Whatever it's called, I've planted one right on the back of my head. Felt somewhat less stupid when I saw someone else do the same thing in class.


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