FMAT: Came Real Close Yesterday

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Sep 11, 2006
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Came Real Close Yesterday
By The Phalanx - 02-12-2009 03:07 PM
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I was at the intersection near Pali Momi at Pearlridge yesterday when 3 men in 2 cars (all who seemed to be int heir 30s or 40s) who seemed like they were high on drugs... Stopped their cars, started hollering non-sense at each other, burning rubbers, denting each others hoods, and all that stuff... All the while I was in the middle of the whole thing at the intersection...

Now these 3 guys were in the parking lot of a building I was waiting at doing the same thing for 30 minutes prior to the intersection thing... Two of them was about my size while the other was maybe around 275-300 lbs. All seemed very unfit yet seemed like they must have been high on something... They were recklessly denting each others cars, yelling, and sort of pushing each other... Weird behavior, so they must have been high... I of course couldn't help but stare and they saw that... So they raised their arms and said "whaz up brah? get something?" lol I just went the other way and I heard them talk about me and stuff...

About 5 minutes later my mom was finished with her appointment and we decided to go to Costco afterwards... Then those 3 guys got into their cars and pretty much just followed me... Now we're at the intersection... They got out of their cars and did some weird behavior all while pointing at my car... I was thinking this might be the first time I actually have to use my training in a real situation, so I decided to pull out my blade, which is a Husky brand box cutter... Small blade but sufficient enough... The first thing that ran through my mind was that if this light does not turn green in a few seconds I'm gonna have to do what I need to protect the passengers with me... I got lucky, the light turned green yet those 2 cars still followed me, I made a turn into the mall to lose them, which I did... Traffic was heavy and there was no way I could have lost those guys if there were no cars around to block them from following me into the mall...

So I went on my merry way but did not tell my passengers what might have happened... All they thought was that there were 2 cars burning rubber and honking their horns behind us like a bunch of teenagers...

I got lucky that day... :eek:ne_samur


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