FMAT: Anting Anting/amulets and oraysions

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Sep 11, 2006
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Anting Anting/amulets and oraysions
By silat1 - 04-07-2009 07:47 AM
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Since it is the Holy week before Easter and I am sitting here watching a filipino tv show out of Manila that is covering the anting anting along with the amulets that are supposed to give protection to the people who believe in this part of Filipino culture. I figured that I would throw this subject out for review I know that a lot of history has been written about some of our elders and instructors have believed in oraysions and anting anting in preparation to protect themselves in battle, so I thought I would put a spin on this by asking how many of the forumites use something like this in their training philosophy..

Please don't misunderstand that this is going to be a start for a flame war dealing with religious beliefs, I am just wondering how we as &quot;Newer practitioners and foreigners&quot; who practice the FMA apply this to our own training as I know that a few of us have carried various amulets or lucky pieces during our military time and/or past..

I have been carrying a lucky coin aka &quot;challenge coin&quot; that I received from one of the guys who I trained with in the states and assigned to the 10th special forces before we lost contact over the years.. This coin has been with me since the early days of my training and has been with me through thick and thin, so this is what I classify as my anting anting amulet/good luck piece and it has yet to let me down..

This is just a thread to get things going and to see how we as foreign practitioners of the FMA use the concept of carrying good luck pieces and how it applies to the concept of anting anting amulets in protection of ourselves on a daily basis as well as use in combative actions

Keep responses civil and non inflammatory as this is not a religious based thread.. Thanks Bill


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