Five year old boy scalped and stoned.

Mar 12, 2009
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Queensland. Australia.
Being a parent I was shocked after thread Autistic Child Assaulted. So I decided to look for other stories closer to home and came across this one:,23739,25444479-952,00.html.

A BOY, 5, was scalped, stoned, and taunted in an atrocious case of schoolyard bullying - and the main perpetrator was a "buddy" charged with protecting him. Lachlan Antony Guerin suffered a minor brain injury during the sustained bullying by his school-assigned buddy and other older students at St John's Lutheran Primary School in Kingaroy, while in preschool and Year 1 in 1997 and 1998.

Now aside form the obvious pain and suffering of the young boy, what got my warning lights flashing was the fact that the abuse occurred over an extended period of time. Furthermore, the abuser was one chosen by the school to assist the younger boy. Seems like a total failure on the part of the school in its duty of care.


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May 27, 2004
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Parents aren't listened to, autism goes untreated, for the most part, and professionals continue to resent these kids when they grow up into the Bermuda Triangle of prophylaxis and counseling and start assaulting people.

I hope stem cell research yields some real hope for these kids.

And in light of the other thread mentioned here, I'd like to propose that the administrators and teachers who were supposed to protect and teach that child should have THEIR names revealed to the public, THEIR asses prosecuted and thrown in jail, THEIR names on an assault registry and the public in general protected from THEM.

If they were parents, these children would have been removed from their charge long before ... hopefully.