FCS Gathering


Leo Daher

Hello All,

Guro Ray Dionaldo will be holding a Filipino Combat Systems (FCS) Gathering in Clearwater, FL on January 25 and 26. Material covered will include empty hand, stick and blade, with quite some time dedicated to the use of the kerambit, one of Ray's specialties.
Besides being the head of FCS, Guro Ray is one of the highest-ranking instructors in the Sayoc Kali organization, and holds teaching certifications in several Filipino Martial Arts systems. This FCS Gathering will be open to the general public, so everyone is welcome.
For more details, go to the FCS website.
Hey Leo,

I am sure I ran into you before at some of the other Gatherings last year, but I'll make it a point to track you down and say hello. We're small enough to where everyone should know each other. Look for me, a little Filipino guy (smaller than Ray ), I'll probably be hanging out with Aldon and Cthulhu. I got a chance to meet Harold (Palisut) who is also a MT board member at the last gathering. Hey Cthulhu, I made a new Kerambit, its a bit larger than the other, you might like it better since you have large hands. I'll show it to you on Sunday, you might want one for this seminar, I'm sure Ray will also have some for sale the day of the seminar.
Hi Andy,

The last gathering was awesome!!! I definitely saw both you and Leo at the last Gathering. Leo primarily was training toward the back of Rick's dojo, while you and Aldon were working closer toward the entrance.

Looking forward to coming down for this Gathering as well. I will be also selling the Kerambit video that we produced for Ray, it is off the chain!!!

I'll have to check out that new kerambit, but I'll probably need to just borrow it for the Gathering, since I won't have any money left after paying for two days :D

Hi Andy,

I think I know who you are... Did you have a training Gununting with you at the last Gathering? Anyway, I'm looking forward to meeting you and the rest of the gang in a few days.


How is it going? :)
Please, save me a copy of that Kerambit video! I'll be geting one for sure.

This Gathering should be even better than the previous ones - and I know Ray is already working on a future event that is destined to rock! :D
Leo-don't give out secret too early... But the event in near future-maybe around october...- WILL rock for sure... See you all at the gathering.

Russian dude-Sonny
Progressive Combat Concepts
Don't worry, Sonny - my lips are sealed! ;)

BTW, I'm looking forward to your Kuntao demo at the Gathering.
Hi Sonny,

Looking forward to your Kuntao demo. Best of luck to you and KennyG at Progressive.

Does anyone have an idea of what will be covered on what day? It's probably a pointless question, since Ray usually starts out with, "So what do you guys want to do?", but I thought I'd ask anyway :)


yeah that was me with the gununting.

Hey guys, checkout my new kerambits, i just finished them! The bigger one in the background doesn't really show it in the picture, but its huge compared to the other ones I've made. The handles are made out of oak slabs that I burned (for decorative reasons).

Look forward to seeing everybody - 9 days and counting!



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I definitely need to play with that big'n this Sunday!


The new kerambits look great! Can't wait to test them out this weekend. See you and Cthulu on Sunday.
Nice Kerambits, Andy! That Gununting was pretty cool too BTW.
Hey, guys...should I bring my helmet and gloves, or are we not going to worry about that for this gathering?

Originally posted by Cthulhu
Hey, guys...should I bring my helmet and gloves, or are we not going to worry about that for this gathering?


I don't think that will be necessary... At least I haven't heard anything from Ray that would indicate that.
Whoops, I should have been more specific. That question was addressed to AldonAsher and arnisandyz.