Fairly New to Muay Thai


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Sep 29, 2010
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I have been training in Muay Thai for about 8 months. I have no self defense experience besides High school wrestling, some kempo when I was 12 and the occasional schoolyard fights. I chose Muay Thai because I like to stay on my feet. And I like to kick =] Its also very brutal and effective.

I have wanted to train in martial arts for a very long time.. its something I have always wanted to do. I want to get the best I possibly can. Eventually I would like to compete, But I am not ready yet.

With all that said.. I am doing well I am training with Pro;s. Taking weekly private lessons with the Kru and head coaches. I guess they're starting me off slow. This school throws you right into the sparring ring. They say "light sparring" which isnt.. it turns into a full off muay thai fight.. minus elbows. My Kru always sets me up with the same 280 lb 6'3' bouncer lol Im currently 5'11" 215. Not a great match. Needless to say I get my *** handed to me. last friday I Simply got destroyed. I think my mind wasnt int he fight.. mainly because I knew i was going to lose and I was kinda scared.. not to be hurt.. but being humiliated.

I think they should spend more time on teach me how to properly defend myself or block lol. I personally think that my kru is giving me some tough love to toughen me up, since it seems like the only way to really learn is to be thrown into something?

I know this isnt much of a question, but it is in a way. Im trying my best and still getting my *** kicked lol. I will speak to my kru and coaches to train me in what they saw wrong but.. What do you people suggest for a guy in my position? Im trying to get better and be the best I can be.