Endurance/Strength Training



Would anyone like to explain some of the drills and/or exercises that they use in class to build strength and endurance into students?

What does it mean when people talk about Mr. LaBouty's Ironworker Stage?

I know drilling basics is always good, but I would love to introduce my student to a new form of "hell" this weekend! HA!

I could send my wife to cook for your people that is purely a new level of hell for everybody.

I like to play game to build endurance. And nothing is better than seeing 20 adults down playing crab soccer. When I used to have my people play it if the ball hit the ceiling you did 75 leg raisies. Touch the ball with your hand 25 leg raises. Sitting waiting for the ball 35 leg raises. It is a hilarious game and they don't realize the benefits to their body.

The ironworker stage is part of a rating system you canfind on Dennis Conatser's site. They are Watch Maker - Strong Technical training, Philospher - Strong Philosphical Training, Iron Worker - Strong Physical Training, Business Man - Strong Business Training. To see how many of the Top Black Belts in American Kenpo are viewed just follow this link
Rob. I think you're full of cr@p and your wife is an amazing cook. You're just saying she's not so that the rest of us don't get to sample any! I'm onto your games mister!
Okay, I'll just tell Friday nights meatloaf where you liveand it will get there on its own in about 2 days, unless it hijacks a car. She only cooks on the nights when I have to be at work at suppertime and I don't bring a pizza home.
"Kardio Kickboxing" is great for strength and endurance. You might find some tapes in your local video store that you can pick for ideas.

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