Empathetic Jones lack of rules' knowledge puts an L on his ledger

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Sep 11, 2006
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12-07-2009 04:15 PM:It's hard to think a guy who is firing 85 unanswered shots at your face has a heart, but it's one of the reasons why Jon Jones suffered his first loss albeit in an odd manner against Matt Hamill. Jones, a 22-year-old light heavyweight phenom, was destroying Hamill and sailing toward the 10th victory of his career when he lost his head trying to finish the fight.

Jones violently took down Hamill just two and half minutes into the fight and quickly scored the mount when he began his onslaught. Somewhere along the line, Hamill suffered a dislocated shoulder. He couldn't defend himself on the ground. Fifty five seconds into the flurry of punches and elbow Jones looked to referee Steve Mazzagatti to pull him off and then again, 12 seconds and 16 seconds later. That's when Jones threw two illegal 12-to-6 elbows. A point was taken away, Hamill was unable to continue and Mazzagatti went to the replay. By the rule, Jones was disqualified and Hamill was declared the winner.

An hour later, Jones still had little idea what he did wrong or why he was given a loss (1:02 mark).

"I'm not positive what the rules are," Jones said during the postfight. "I think 14, 15 unanswered punches, it should be stopped."

Hamill, who is the only high level deaf mixed martial artist, is a real inspiration to fans and even Jones. Initially he had no problem unloading but once it reach 50 or 60 shots, Jones said he was uncomfortable:

"I said in so many interviews I respect him a lot for the inspiration that he is. It was awkward to keep hitting him like that, you know 'let's stop this.'"

Kelvin Hunt over at MMAReal congratulated Jones on his killer instinct, and he was awesome when he first got it to the ground, but he needs to learn regardless of what the referee does you can't show any mercy and you definitely can't throw illegal blows. Hamill was covering during most of the 85 shots that Jones got off while in the mount. Hamill clearly wasn't fighting back as Jones landed at least 50 of the attempted punches and elbows. Should it have been stopped? It's a tough call. Mazzagatti got blasted after UFC 104 for supposedly stopping Cain Velasquez' destruction of Ben Rothwell too early. The guy can't win at this point.

Keith Kizer, the executive of director of the Nevada State Athletic Commission, said he didn't think the fight should've been stopped before the disqualification.

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