Different emphasis between styles of baguazhang ?

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Jan 8, 2006
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I have been on a bit of a baguazhang kick lately looking into the 2 styles that I actually trained a bit, nothing extensive just a couple forms, Yin style and Cheng Style. Since my Sifu did not really have any depth to his training in either style all I learned were the forms and a few applications. I just discovered or at least it appears this way that Yin Bagua is much more emphasis on striking where Cheng has more emphasis on throws and takedowns apparently because of Cheng Tinghua's previous and extensive background in shuaijiao prior to training with Dong Hai Chuan. This kind of makes since as I try and remember the forms I was taught.

I imagine that there are many more styles of Bagua out there than this but Im wondering if they all emphasize something different?

Yin Style: emphasizes striking
Cheng Style: emphasize throws and take downs
Jiang Style: ?
Liang Style: ?
Gao Style: ?
Fu Style: ?
Shi Style: ?
Yin Yang Style: ?
Sun Style: ?
Liu Style: ?

Or am I just obsessing :D

I am amazed at the stuff I am thinking about as it applies to CMA since I pretty much stopped Yang style training.


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Feb 12, 2007
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This might answer some:


Each style and emphasis goes with the practicers teacher and style before they learned Bagua.

For example Jiang style.

one of Jiang's teachers was Cheng Ting Hua so Jiang style is going to have a good amount of throws in it.

When I study Bagua my teacher would state that the applications can be used for what ever needs to be done.
For example: On our second palm change it could be considered a parry or a strike or even a grap. Bagua also has its Linear form which to me goes well with Hsing yi.

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