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Sep 11, 2006
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Wing Chun let me down in a fight
By freefighter2010 - Thu, 20 Dec 2007 09:15:27 GMT
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First of all i am delighted to join this amazing forum where people from different backgrounds and share thier experiences and become better people as a result.

I have read several threads on Wing chun and i am sorry to say that I studied wing chun for a year.I was told about wing chun by a former ji-jutsu guy who claimed that he had a fight with his wing chun instructor and his instructor beat him in a fight he was so impressed that he decided to do WC.

The JJ guy got me to enrol in WC classes at the time i was impressed by all the moves bongsa, pakso and it was like a new world to me. Until the day i ended in a fight and had the crap beaten into me by some drunken.

I have since left WC and moved onto study other systems. I am sorry but wing chun is developed for small chinese people who fought 1000s of years ago and not for the 21st century. So please be aware of why u are studing for a particular system. My instructor made me spend hours standing in one position just to do chain punching this was useless to me in a real fight as the stances was not stable.

Do disrespect to WC instructors..


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