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Sep 11, 2006
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Tomas Rios got owned at the UG
By snakerattle79 - 11-23-2010 01:28 PM
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Twitter / Tomas Rios: Joe Rogan calling a Brazil ...

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Tomas Rios - Joe Rogan calling a Brazilian kick the "question mark kick" during Griffin/Lentz is pantheon level cluelessness.

Joe Rogan - He's a dumb ****. That's exactly what it's called. Before it was ever the Brazilian kick it was also called a "fake front kick roundhouse kick."

MIKE CIESNOLEVICZ - Rogans the man! Rios is a punk who knows dick about MMA

The Voice Michael Schiavello - It got called The Brazilian Kick because Francisco Filho would throw it to great effect and then other Brazilians like Feitosa would use it similarly... so the Japanese mostly dubbed it the Brazilian Kick as a catchy gimmick because the Brazilians (started with Filho) made it their kickboxing specialty. Before that it was called, commonly, a question mark kick because the foot paints an invisible question mark in the air as it travels.

BTW even before Filho was using it, other Brazilians like Ademir daCosta used it... but Filho made it truly famous.

BTW again... Filho used to call in often just a Kubi Geri (kobe geri) or neck kick.

It has also been called an upside down kick because you sneak OVER the top and the opponent's defense and then come down with the kick.

But hey, a dumb **** wouldn't know this! ;-)

Sean McCorkle - Statements like that are exactly the reason I got Rios fired from Sherdog

I LOL at this poster at the UG :D



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