DF: Strength training for striking power and grip.

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Sep 11, 2006
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Strength training for striking power and grip.
By William - 11-21-2008 05:01 PM
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I originally posted this on the FMA Talk PTK forum but I'll share it here as well.


Looking to add a little strength and conditioning component into your workouts that directly relates to grip strength and striking power? One with a little PTK influence? One of my students is the strength and conditioning coach for many top level UFC fighters. He came up with a workout routine using 4lb sledgehammers that is great at strengthening many of the muscle groups we use in our striking mechanics. I would use this in addition to your normal striking routines. It's been very helpful in my getting back into fighting shape (though I've tweaked it a little bit)...along with the tractor tires and all the other fun striking and footwork drills.

Back in 2002/03 when I moved to the East coast Kevin was great at helping me organize bringing Mandala Waid and Tuhon to Rhode Island the first time. I'd had Mandala Tim out to Oregon before that, but this was the first time we had both of them together. Kevin knows his stuff and that's why his stable of top shelf UFC fighters is growing.

You can check it out here:
Hammer Time : MMA Articles : MMATraining.com

The second youtube link gives a better explanation.

As I said, I think this makes a great addition to your normal training routine.

Have fun!
Guro William Schultz

PS: Don't be surprised if you start seeing some familiar footwork in the Octagon.


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