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Sep 11, 2006
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seven important questions
By gmgKungFu - 11-19-2008 06:52 PM
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Ever since I was a young child I have always loved martial arts mostly from watching it on television and movies but I grew up thinking of it more as a hobby unless I were to move across the world and study it full time learning from a master. The passed few years of my life have been somewhat tough and I have undergone much change (for the better) but I have almost forgot my love for martial arts as I never thought it was a possibility for me to become great at it. In the passed few weeks I have been doing some research and realizing that I can make it my life like I once wanted. I have been looking online at some schools in the East that have grabbed my interest and could use a little help. I am a small build, but athletic and commit myself to what I enjoy, as well as have good hand eye coordination, balance, and am somewhat quick and agile, all with room for improvement. I would like to make a life out of martial arts and am really considering moving to the East (currently live in USA) and studying martial arts full time. I am 19 years old and my parents will fund my schooling as if it were college if I am serious about it, which I am. I have been starting workout routines to begin to build myself into shape so I can start serious training possibly at the start of next spring/summer. My main goal is to make a life and career of martial arts as well as have the ability to defend myself should the need ever arise and possibly compete in competitions. This brings me to the reason I am typing this, my questions:

1) What are some good schools you know of or have researched? (Can be a 10 student live-in disciple program or 2,000+ student school and anything in between, please provide a website link if possible.)

2) What are some careers someone can have after mastering an art (other than teaching to students)?

3) What are some martial art styles that someone of my build would excel at? (more speed/skill and not purely strength oriented)

4) About how many years of training daily for many hours a day would these arts take to master or become very good at? (I know it varies from person to person and trainer to trainer, I just need an idea if possible.)

5) What are your favorite animal forms and why (i.e. Eagle Claw, Snake, Crane)?

6) What are some good workout routines to get me ready for serious training? (improve endurance, flexibility, strength, balance and so on)

7) What are your experiences training full time or under a master like I am looking to?

Please add anything else you can to help me out and answer any number of questions you can whether it be one or all, thanks alot for your time!


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