Bridging the Gap - Forms and Partner Drills to Sparring



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Sep 27, 2013
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This is actually quite similar to what I've been doing lately. Instead of sweeping the front leg I kick low or throw a dummy, punch towards the face with my lead and as that is blocked I stick, trap and move in - getting a few shots in and driving my sparring partner backwards.

Undoubtedly all the kickboxing I've even doing over the past 5 months has helped with my timings and giving me a load of sparring experience to work with, but now that I'm getting comfortable 'fighting', this is allowing me to really start digging into the more traditional stuff I do. For the first time, and quite Intuitively, I used the trap from the very beginning of Dore Kwan Kuen last night (I'm not sure if you are familiar). Basically you pass an incoming punch from
your lead to the back hand hooking the back hand over whilst striking with the wrist of the lead. I didn't use the wrist, but it didn't matter. Managing to use this with gloves on felt like a great achievement and I think a massive part of me not being able to use any Kung Fu in sparring previously was because, I was crap at sparring. My Mantis club dont really practice it. So now that I feel comfortable after a few months of kickboxing that I can attack and defend ok in sparring, the mantis I train in is coming to me intuitively at random times.