Beating a dead horse with a stick


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Feb 23, 2009
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Ok, now I know that there are definately other threads out there similar to this one but please bear with me. Ok so I know everyone wants to see Brock vs Fedor, and i've seen it discussed in other forums. So why bring it up? well i dont much care for forum discussions. Anyway so before I seen the brock vs mir 2 I was all for fedor... now i'm not so sure. As much as I HATE brock he is an animal. What if he gets fedor down, chest to chest and beats him with those arm punches he beat mir with, you know no posturing up just lying on him and throwing punches that normally would jsut annoy opponents but inbrocks case bloodied him mir up reeaaal bad. We've seen Fedor destroy giants before, that korean guy choi hung man and the 6 foot 8 tim silvia...but... brock seems to be some kinda freak. The guy is athlectic as hell and extremly fast for such a big guy. I know he's inexperienced, but the fighters he fought were skilled veterans. Now I dont want u to think that I love brock or something, i hate the guy, i spend a little bit of each day praying for his dethroneing. I'm not underestimating fedor either. I just dont know man i just dont know... what do u think? i think fedor can beat him standing and we all know hes master of submissions, its just what if brock lies on him chest to chest and beats his face like he did mir? like mir coulndt do anything to stop it either... but then again fedor is not frank mir. Sorry for the un original post, i just want to know what the ppl at MT think about this possible fight. Sites like sherdog are all like "brock lesnar is a ***** blah blah blah fedor will kill him so bad and then bury him and then dig him up and kill him again" or "who the hell is fedor brock lesnar is the man dana white is the coolest person in the world and ufc is so cool and anyhting else is no good"

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