Bart Cham Dao


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Oct 13, 2010
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Hi all

I am new to this particular part of the forum but I feel that a post in this area would be benificial to the topic in question.

I am a practicioner in Wing Chun and have just started training the Bart Cham Dao which is a form specifically dedicated to training the Butterfly Knives. The Bart Cham Doa form is the final form to be trained as many of the techniques using the knives are based on Wing Chun principles and hand techniques. I must add that different liniages teach different methods of the Bart Cham Do but in my linage. The Bart Cham Do teaches us 8 cutting angles and defends against both long and short ranged weapons.

I was wondering how effective the Wing Chun method of training in the Knives would be in comparison to other dedicated arts?