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MartialTalk offers a number of different options to help you advertise here.

Advertise on
Advertise your business on Our membership of over 18,000 registered members and tens of thousands of unregistered readers actively discusses a wide range of topics including the martial arts, personal improvement, health and fitness, current events, and much more. Ads are averaging over 200,000 impressions per month. Rates as low as at $76 per month!

Benefits of Advertising

MartialTalk is a great place to promote your products and services. We are heavily indexed by search sites such as Google. We are a great place to get the message out quickly when you have important news to share with your customers, and faster and easier than updating your own web site.
Advertisers on MartialTalk get:

  • Forum banner advertisement with link to web site
  • Ability to start unlimited threads in the ad forums.
  • Permission to promote their business with new product announcements and press releases on the forum
  • Complimentary 1 year Supporting Member status.

Rates are per month. Minimum commitment is 3 months.
Discounts are available for 6, 9 and 12 month commitments.
Placements are usually exclusive, so that only your ads will be shown in that position during your contracted time.

Global Placement
View attachment $ad_global.jpg
Global Placement Ads run on all pages.
Header - $ 400 / Month
Below Nav Bar - $375 / Month
Above Footer - $335 / Month

Board Placement
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After Forums - $120 / mo.
Below "What's Going On?" - $95 / mo.

Forum Placement
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Below Thread List - $145 / mo.

In Thread Placement
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In Thread placement puts your ad in either the first or last post of every discussion. It offers maximum visibility at a low price.
First Post - $275 / mo
Last Post - $200/mo

Forum Sponsorships
As an alternative, we also offer Forum Sponsorships. These are 234x60 mini banners that appear in the description area for each forum.
Forum Sponsorship - $95/month

How to Sign Up

Contact us at and let us know which ad position you were interested in.
We do not track ad clicks and we recommend that you use Google Analytics to track statistics for your landing page. It will give the most accurate count of visitors and traffic sources.
Still have questions?

If you need support or have a questions before you sign up, email us:
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