yuen kay san

  1. Yoshiyahu

    Wing Chun Vs TKD sparring

    I think this guy did and excellent job showcasing his WC techniques while landing strikes and controlling the opponent. What are some things you see. I hate seeing people just stand there stagnate waiting for someone to walk in on them. This was pretty good. What are your thoughts?
  2. Yoshiyahu

    Wing Chun Sparring

    What are your thoughts on the Wing chun sparring clip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s3xTxyb58j4
  3. APL76

    Sum Nung

    Just thought to put this up in case anyone might be interested
  4. Yuehan

    YKS/SN Mook Yan Jong

    Hi everyone, I'm new around here and decided to start with a quick question. Does anyone have any good source (video or similar) for Yuen Kay San ( Sum Nung) wooden dummy form. I'm fascinated by that lineage and want to learn more about it. I've got a pretty good glimpse of the forms and san sik...