1. E

    Best fighting stance

    Hello everyone I have tried many different martial arts I am a karate black belt,a boxer competed in 3 national events , a jiu jitsu purple belt and i have trained greco-roman wrestling. Every martial art has it's own fighting stance and i am wondering what stance is better for fighting Thank...
  2. Darrencowan

    Sanchin Ryu Close Combat

    Sanchin Ryu is a close combat style. We do not fight from a distance. We do not deliver high kicks. When I was in 12th grade, I was accosted by a person at a party. He made the mistake of attacking me in a narrow hallway. It is said that Sanchin Ryu can be performed in a phone booth (what are...
  3. WingChunChick

    Fighting Large Grapplers

    As wing chun practitioners we train a lot to fight people larger than us, however that doesn't seem to apply very well when it comes to people who grapple well. What things do you do to prepare for people who are larger and/or better grapplers?