1. Sawyer Mallory

    Hapkido weapons

    Does anyone know of a place where I could buy Made in Korea Hapkido weapons? Thanks for your help!
  2. S

    Sai from Shapland Sensei

    Greetings to all, Has anyone out there ever purchased Sai from Shapland Sensei? If so, how was your experience?
  3. Christopher Adamchek

    Weapons training for empty hand fighting

    I love weapons training for many reasons, but recently i have a student who loves empty hand fighting and doesnt care much for our weapons training. So here are some points ive noted to him on how it can make you a better empty hand fighter. Additional ranges - improve range management Angles...
  4. Ivan

    Any information on the Shimazu Clan Weapons Ban

    Any sort of information would be appreciated, with sources too. I am mainly looking into how it impacted the origins of Karate in Okinawa. Thanks :)
  5. snake_monkey

    Bo Staff Training Vlog (Demo)

  6. Invisibleflash

    Streamlight tactical lights are pretty tough

    I've always used Surefire and still do. But the Streamlight tactical lights are impressive with their ability for taking abuse.
  7. O

    Just fell in a weapons gold-mine looking for advice.

    Hello everyone, Recently I stumbled upon what appears to be a weapons gold mine. This Sword-smith from Ocotlan, Oaxaca, Mexico just moved in next door I Googled this Ocotlan place and it turns out that there is a rich swordsmithing history there, they do everything from functional historical...
  8. Isaiah90

    Starting modern self defense school in NC

    Starting my own self defense school in NC. Trained martial artists and untrained peeps are welcome to join. With years of self defense training, heres what i have to offer. Diversity - What makes my lessons unique? Theres no set system of self defense training. Instead, i invite a diverse...
  9. TieXiongJi

    Easy to Carry, Easy to Use Self Defense Weapons

    Hi All, I am an electrical engineer, martial artist of the Chinese disciplines, and a self defense hobbyist. I have been puzzling over how the women in my life could fight back if I came at them hard and haven't seen much chance for them to resist me if I use maximum force. I came up with an...
  10. F

    Why are most martial arts weapons illegal?

    I was thinking of getting in to some of the weapons form and I wanted to learn something that I can actually carry. The problem I have found is that a lot of states(military, I move around a lot) have made laws that prevent you from carrying most weapons. A stick is often lumped in with a...
  11. J

    Bo Staff training at home

    I was just wondering if anyone knew of any resources that could help with my Bo Staff training at home? For instance any patterns or forms, instructional books?
  12. A

    Sipalki Jumeog Bi Kwan: Weapon's Exhibition

    Sipalki Jumeog Bi Kwan's exhibition.
  13. A

    Sipalki Jumeog Bi Kwan

    Hi from Argentina I wanna introduce you Sipalki Jumeog Bi Kwan, I hope you enjoy it.