training equipment

  1. Christopher Adamchek

    Basement Dojo

    Thought id share my basement dojo after seeing @ST1Doppelganger post.
  2. O

    Building your ideal martial arts training grounds

    If you were able to get hold of 5,500 ft2 of open space right in your backyard. What would you build/install to make your ideal training grounds for the martial art that you practice? The terrain is in the open, flat, and has nothing but dirt, just one big square of space. Your budget is tight...
  3. D

    Best type of Training Bag: Freestanding vs Hanging vs. Mounted

    So which in your opinion is the better type of Training Bag 1. Freestanding - Like the Century Wavemasters and the like 2. Hanging - Self-Explanatory, Mostly the ones that hang from a ceiling 3. Mounted - Bags that are on Punching Bag Stands
  4. J

    Muay Thai Training Equipment at Home

    hi everyone, I have been doing muay thai and want to start practicing at home as well. I want something to practice techniques on like a heavy bag. except I cant really get a heavy bag because they are too loud and I'm thinking about doing it for more than an hour a day. I have 3 other people...