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    Traditional MA's flowery impractical techniques

    Inspired by Bullsherdog. We hear a lot about TMA being full.of impractical, flowery, unrealistic and straight BS techniques and methods. For this thread I'd like to try to list them and the problems with them and yes, if anyone can actually use said bs techniques the defence of them would...
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    Self introduction & several aspects of street fighting, and my opinion on MA in such scenarios.

    Hello Everyone, I'm Alex I'm new to the community, I'm a practitioner of many styles of martial arts and keep on adding more to my curriculum. I started training at age two and have trained in a very traditional way with many great masters with more than 50 years of experience in the field. I...
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    Why the hate between TMA and MMA?

    I've been looking through forums and am seeing so much hate between TMA and MMA / Kickboxing / BJJ, I've also experienced this from people I've met. My question is, where does all the hate come from? I've trained in different TMA's and also in K1-Kickboxing and I just don't get why anyone would...
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    Is weakness in the art or the practitioner?

    I have seen stated several times that every martial art has a weakness, but does it? Could it be possible that the weakness just lies in the practitioner?