1. Christopher Adamchek

    Kali level 1 test highlight reel

    Thought you guys might enjoy! Here is a fun highlight reel of one of my students testing for level 1 in our kali program The test included demonstration of basic skills and attack simulations of our empty hand, kubotan, stick, and knife material. Level 1 of our program puts a high focus on...
  2. L

    Paper Hanging

    On Testing and Students I often get asked, as a martial arts instructor how long someone spends at a certain rank. You see, for students working their way through the Kyu/Gup (Colored Belt) ranks, we traditionally test the student when we feel they are both mentally and physically ready. So...
  3. L

    Promotion, Parents, Politics, OH MY!

    Fellow School Owners: We've had a few run ins with the whole "my child is entitled to this" and " why is child A getting to test but child B isn't?!" nonsense lately. What is your approach to handling parents who threaten to pull their students out if they do not test on X date or get Y...