1. VagabondStar

    Long Time Lurker, First Time Poster

    Hello Everyone, After a lifetime of martial arts practice and development I want to start teaching in the rural communities I live nearby because there's apparently no one else. But I have a slight concern... I don't mean to sound elitist or snooty or what have you But I'm a little worried...
  2. S

    Looking for Partner to Create Videos

    Im looking for a partner who is willing to be in demonstration videos for a website. I am willing to pay $20/hr until I have all the content I need. Im located in Crystal Lake, IL. Details can be discussed if your interested. The videos will consist of body throws, joint locks (jiu jitsu)...
  3. Anarax

    Teaching Challengers

    I've only witnessed one person come into my Dojo and challenge one of the instructors. Long story short, the instructor easily handled him(after he signed the release) and knocked the wind out of him. He signed up for classes afterwards and trained for a few months. My question is after beating...
  4. P

    Sparring gear for special needs kids

    I recently had a student sign up, who in fact has had surgery on their legs and is using Martial Arts to aid in the rehab of his joints. I need recommendations for sparring shoes that will have arch supports in them or can be modified with arch supports so aid in his point sparring competition...
  5. B

    If you learn a system from someone, can they keep you from teaching it to others?

    My son took lessons from a proficient martial artist for 7 years. Now, that he no longer goes, he states my son can not teach anyone what he's learned.
  6. T

    Funniest Moments and Greatest Victories

    For 2017, I thought I would post something positive and light hearted. What is one of the funniest things you run into when you are active in your martial art training and what was one of your greatest victories, either as a student, instructor, or both. Funniest thing for me: We have weapons...
  7. Kenposcholar

    What inspires, motivates, and makes you passionate?

    I have been doing martial arts for approximately 14 years and have always been incredibly passionate about training and teaching. Over the past year it has been increasingly more difficult to bring the same passion to the dojo when I bow into classes. There are several factors including a busy...
  8. S

    Training someone with no body awareness??

    Hello all, I'm looking for tips on training someone with little to no body awareness. I'm a student teacher in a Gung Fu class and we have a student with very little awareness, a great example of some who never learned how to use their body as a child. The student has a lot of drive and really...