1. Syeed Ali

    (Fiction/theory) Fighting against the perfect sword

    I'm working on a novel and I have a significant story element which has the heroes aiming to fight against a man with a sword that can cut anything trivially. I'm thinking it would be a moderate-long one-edged sword made for one hand and with a minimal guard. These aspects would give me a number...
  2. O

    Just fell in a weapons gold-mine looking for advice.

    Hello everyone, Recently I stumbled upon what appears to be a weapons gold mine. This Sword-smith from Ocotlan, Oaxaca, Mexico just moved in next door I Googled this Ocotlan place and it turns out that there is a rich swordsmithing history there, they do everything from functional historical...
  3. S

    What Makes a Sword Style Functional?

    This is for all the practitioners of all the sword techniques (HEMA, Fencing, Kendo, Iaido, Krabi Krabong and more) out there but what do you feel makes your particular or any sword style functional in actual/simulated combat? What does your particular sword art base their foundations in; do...
  4. Braxchat

    Custom Yari Spear / Bo staff

    Hi there! This is my first post and I'm Looking to make a custom Yari spear. I love practicing with my bo staff but lately have been peeking into spears. Although it's a pretty simple concept, I do not like the looks of mass produced spears online. And FULL custom spears from oustanding guys...
  5. Aiki Lee

    Custom Sword Recommendations

    Hey Kenjutsu / iaijutsu practitioners, I am saving up for a custom made katana and stumbled across Swords of Northshire Is anyone familiar with their products? I would like something that is appropriate for cutting and iaijutsu practice, and they seem to have a good reputation online. If anyone...
  6. A

    Sipalki Jumeog Bi Kwan

    Hi from Argentina I wanna introduce you Sipalki Jumeog Bi Kwan, I hope you enjoy it.