1. Ivan

    500 pushups daily

    I just finished my first day of attempting 500 pushups daily in one go. I have done 500 pushups in a day as a challenge multiple times in the past but I have always split them up throughout the day. Today is my first time attempting to do them all in one sitting. I managed to squeeze out 361...
  2. Ivan

    What attribute do you focus on with your strength and conditioning?

    Ive been curious about what attribute people focus on when dedicating themselves to martial arts when they go to the gym. Personally, I am focusing on building up my chest muscles, so hypertrophy, as my chest is too small and makes my physique look uneven. In a few months when it has grown a...
  3. D

    Specific exercises to improve your grip

    Specific training to improve your Grip.
  4. Ivan

    The distaste for strength in martial arts

    Hi. I am writing an article on the attitudes towards physical strength in martial arts, and would like to get your perspective on this issue (if it is an issue, I personally feel that it is) in martial arts, since you're all much more experienced than me. Every since I started training, I saw...
  5. D

    Body Durability or Toughening

    Despite your first thoughts this isn't about hitting yourself over and over again until you hate yourself. There are several kinds of body durability and toughness. In material science there is: yield strength (bending without breaking or deforming) compressive strength (crushing without...
  6. Ivan

    Is there such thing as overworking?

    I constantly feel the need to train. It's like an itch I can't scratch but I want to know whether I should push it. For starters, here is the schedule I try to stick to every week: MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursday Gym 0530-0645Gym 0630-0745Gym 0530-0645Gym 0530-0645 Gym 1110-1300Boxing...
  7. D

    Request: Types of Gym Workouts for this TKD practitioner

    Hey guys, I want to do some more gym workouts for my Taekwondo training with these goals: *Improving jumping height *Improve kicking speed and technique *Improve posture *Increase agility *Increase flexibility I also want to do weightlifting to increase my muscle mass and upper body strength...