strength & conditioning

  1. R

    Stength & Conditioning for Wing Chun

    Hi Everyone, I am wondering what kind of focus everyone has for improving strength & fitness for Wing Chun (if any). Do people just rely on the practice or do you do anything separate. I know my school does some fitness as part of a class sometimes but mostly it is something people have to do...
  2. D

    Kicking question: Combing Strength Training with Flexibility training.

    Hey guys, this is a Taekwondo related question because it will involve high vertical kicks. In a book I read called Ultimate Flexibility by Sang H Kim, he talks about how doing high kicks involves not only kicking drills but resistance and flexibility training. The question I want to ask is...
  3. O

    Training for tendons, ligaments, and joints.

    As you might know the tendons, ligaments, and joints are very important not only for martial arts but for an active lifestyle. I haven't found a way to nurture and enhance said tissue to prevent injuries and improve myself, does anyone knows about an approach to exercising said tissue? I...
  4. andyscriven

    Drills to improve your kicks

    I really like multi purpose drills and try to incorporate variety in class to disguise repetition. This is a drill I do to help students improve leg strength, actively stretch and work on improving their pendulum & pivot kicks. For sparring it add power to the lead round kick.