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  1. M

    Wing chun sparring gear 2022

    Hi all New poster here. I have strated a new thread on this as the other one is quite old. Anyway, I have been doing wing chun for just over a year and my sifu is suggest I invest in some sparring gear (head guard with face grille, body armour, mits, shin and foot protection) as we will be...
  2. M

    Can i replace cup with socks?

    So i can't find a cup but wouldn't some rolled up sock absorb the impact? If i get kicked without a cup my nuts are toasted but if atleast i have some socks i can walk the next day right? I punched my nuts with some socks in my underwear and it did hurt less but a kick is much stronger so i am...
  3. M

    How often i am gonna get kicked in the nuts if i join a martial arts class?

    Do i really gonna need a cup?How much those absorb the impact,i heard that after a few kicks they can breake. I won't buy a new cup every month
  4. D

    Target Practice Chest Protector?

    Can anyone recommend a chest protector with added cushion for concentrated target practice? I have a kicking shield and a traditional TKD chest protector but am looking for something that's sorta the best of both, so I can serve as human kicking target for a young (12 years old) student...
  5. AngryHobbit

    Sparring gear - mouthpieces

    All! I have trouble using regular mouthpieces when sparring. Even the smaller, softer ones properly molded to my teeth are still too big and make me gag. My dentist says I have a "unique" anatomy (note to all - NEVER a good thing to hear from your dentist): my mouth is too small for a grownup...
  6. Q

    Survey on sparring gear for senior engineering class

    Hello everyone - for our senior engineering class, our group members decided to focus on redesigning sparring gear for martial arts. Would you all be kind enough to take your time and fill out our survey? It's short, with only 10 questions. Feel free to answer as much or as little as you wish...
  7. Michael Robinson

    where can I get Sparring Gloves online at for TaeKwonDo at ?

    Where can I get Sparring Gloves online at for TaeKwonDo at with the things on it that you can put your fingers under it like these look at the file please ?
  8. A

    Macho vs. Century

    Macho sparring gear is a bit more pricey than Century's. Is the extra couple dollars per item (approx. $10 per gear set) worth it? Is the quality of the foam dipped padding better? or is it all the same?