1. F

    It's Gotta be the Hips

    Hi there, First, a quick intro. I loved JCVD movies as a kid, and eventually convinced my parents to enroll me in classes. I trained in TKD around age 12 up to blue belt. In my late 20s I trained in Shotokan through the park district. Then I took a few months of boxing. Fast forward many...
  2. Ivan

    Research notes on building physical strength

    Hi again, I am making this thread to impart as much as I can on my knowledge of building strength. I have been researching different books on this matter and would like to share what I have found. I couldn't find a more appropriate forum "part" to post it on so I just put it on General Martial...
  3. Z

    Fa Jin Tai Chi Striking Power

    This is a video to share some fa jin play There is no particular technique being practiced, just the expression of hard jin (energy) into various parts in the body (begins about 1/2 through). I don't show any leg fa jin in this video, but that can be practiced in the same way. This kind of...
  4. A

    How is it possible? Kicking Magic Power?

    I'm always asked, but did not find out how this can be done so as not to break his foot