1. K

    Sport Poomsae

    I've trained in martial arts since I was four years old. I have my black belt in Taekwondo, Tangsoodo, and GongKwon Yusul and currently my green belt in Shotokan. I used to compete a lot, primarily in sparring but I used to do poomsae as well. However, the last time I competed was the first time...
  2. L

    Question about forms.

    I'm still practicing Kibon Hana, but I'm wondering how many forms there are in the kibon set? What are kicho forms? And I guess on a personal one, do you practice (and or teach) the Palgwe set? I guess what I really mean to ask is, how many total forms are there in both kukkiwon and Chang...
  3. NinjaChristian

    Good to practice or bad to practice?

    An instructor that's been visiting classes gave me some advice on my poomse, Won-hyo, and I am not sure if I want to follow it or not. Normally when I do the sidekicks in won-hyo, I do my best to snap them back as quickly as possible, because that is what I would do in a fight to prevent my leg...
  4. NinjaChristian

    Troublesome poomse

    So each poomse is supposed to end up where you started, but in a couple of my poomse I end up off my starting point at a consistent distance. I know about how one side is dominant, how stances will be longer/wider with one foot than the other, but even when using the boards on a wooden floor to...