1. KuroSasori

    Authentic Ninjutsu schools and classes

    I've been wanting to pursue the art of Ninjutsu for many years now. However, all the dojos that are available are about 4 hours away from me. I wanted to persue bujinkan for many years, but I've heard mixed things about it recently and I'm unsureif I should persue their school. I wanted to buy...
  2. Grimlon332

    Are modern ninjutsu schools frauds?

    I was snooping around on the Internet, when I came across videos and articles about actual ninjutsu schools, like the Bunjinkan of Masaaki Hatsumi. I did some searches about what the shcool had to offer, and I was pretty excited to try my hand one day. But, I also found ton of videos or forum...
  3. Aiki Lee

    Bokken, bokuto, or both?

    Hey, I have always been under the impression that bokken and bokuto are interchangeable terms, and that both are correct. Recently I have heard that bokuto is actually the preferred terminology in Japan. So I have some questions specifically to those who train in sword arts or in Japan. 1...
  4. jaikali

    mongols vs ninja

    Mongols attacked/attempted to attack japan several times in history ...but did they ever encounter ninjas?? they fought hashashins ..but did they ever fight asian assassins?