mental health

  1. P

    Inferior guy pulled a knife on me , how do i overcome shame ?

    Hi everyone . So a year back , i was snacking in a public market , when a young guy in he's early 20s joined the snacking ; Then this clumsy young adult came in and was probably on recreational drugs , with 2 long scars across his cheeks. After this , the young guy suggested politely to the...
  2. M

    What is your mantra?

    I wanted to create a forum to hopefully allow people to share their thoughts on their mantra/beliefs and how you find yourself actually sticking to it in everyday life/impacts on your mental health. I started to read the subtle art of not giving a f***, interesting book. But one thing that...
  3. Ivan

    Cultivating the confidence, psyche and mindset of a fighter/warrior

    I have been munching on this issue for a very long time now. As someone who loves martial arts of all sorts (excluding bullshido of course ;)) I am looking forward to competing for the first time. By competing, I mean fighting as well as forms, but I mostly fighting. I have been involved in...