1. R

    Looking for a training partner in the NoVa/DC area

    Hello, Tang Soo Do and GoJu Ryu practitioner here. Looking for a training partner to practice with. Don't care what style you are since all styles have something you can learn from. Really just looking for someone who enjoys body conditioning, bunkai and sharing/exchanging knowledge...
  2. Anarax

    100 Man Kumite

    Amazing documentary
  3. H

    Favorite martial arts site?

    What is your favorite martial arts web site? Or blog?
  4. K

    Axe Kicks in Karate?

    Ive only recently started my karate training, earning my 6th kyu, but I have my first dan in tangsoo do and gongkwon yusul and my 2nd dan in TKD. I love using axe kicks in Taekwondo sparring but since transitioning to shotokan karate I notice no one throws it. So really my question is in...
  5. Historyofkarate

    Karate in the 2020 Olympics! (Is it good or is it bad?)

    Karate has officially been accepted into the 2020 Olympic games. Is it good? Is it bad? How do you guys think it will affect the art?
  6. MAfreak

    sparring with everyone :)

    hello everyone! my name is tobias and i'm a martial arts enthusiast from germany. i started with karate and took lessons in (or watched to) many other styles to find out what are they doing differently and why (judo, jiu jitsu, kobudo, (kick)boxing, krav maga etc.). however to introduce myself i...