1. O

    Certificate/Belt Re-Issue?

    Hello everyone. Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere; I did search first, but didn't come up with much. I received my 1st degree and Kukkiwon certificate when I was 13 in about 1996. I am now 40, and my certificate and belt were lost in a move. Is it possible to reapply for my certificate...
  2. andyjeffries

    Kukkiwon releases (online) magazine

    Kukkiwon has released the first issue of a new online magazine. The official link is at: https://www.kukkiwon.or.kr/front/pageView.action?cmd=/kor/information/publication It's really slow to download though... However, I've downloaded a copy of the PDF itself, if anyone wants it from Issue 1 -...
  3. Z

    was Mu Duk Kwan really part of the origional 5 kwans?

    My Taekwondo is of Mu duk kwan decent. Two Days ago my Master instructor told us students to figure out whether Mu Duk Kwan Was really part of the original 5 Kwans.
  4. andyjeffries

    Kukkiwon changes rules for poom/dan recommenders and 6th/7th Dan tests

    The Kukkiwon has just announced two major changes to poom/dan promotions globally. In order to apply to join the Kukkiwon Membership System (the online interface to submit promotion applications) you now must have a Kukkiwon Master Certificate. The class of the certificate isn't important, but...
  5. memory1179

    WTF Kukkiwon Dan holder to ATA Dojang?

    Hi, I'm new to this forum. I am thinking of restarting Taekwondo and I would like to ask some questions and gain some advice from you. I have a Kukkiwon Dan certificate from South Korea. I was trained before during my youth in a WTF Dojang (Dojo) and during my military service there as my unit...
  6. Metal

    Former WTF & Kukkiwon president Dr. Kim, Un Yong passed away

    Just read the news: "Dr. UN YONG KIM(86 years old), vice president of IOC, former president of Kukkiwon, and former president of WTF passed away 2 am, 3 October 2017. His funeral service will be held at the Kukkiwon on 3 October 2017." Ex-IOC Vice President Kim Un-yong dead at 86
  7. B

    Taekwondo club governance and affiliations vs independance

    Hello, I would like to find out how clubs are typically controlled/affiliated. I would like to hear some comparisons from around the world simply because I would like to start my own school one day and want to better understand what is a normal situation out there, and what my options are for...
  8. L

    KKeokgi & Neomgigi.

    Can anyone tell me anything about these concepts, they seem like grappling/grabbing techniques. I've got a digital student handbook so I'm sure it doesn't explain things as well, plus my master doesn't really go over this, but I'm loving taekwondo so far. I've got a concept of a basic throw...
  9. IcemanSK

    Kukkiwon temporarily halts Skip Dan tests

    Kukkiwon temporally stopped special skip dan test"! - 窱匪萼 寨科 鴗鴔 ! they go through enough discussion to establish a general consensus among taekwondo community as a whole. The Kukkiwon special committee decided not to pursue special dan test until 篣域科: 2015/12/29 [13:05] wtu WTU ...